Monday, August 23, 2010

Upcoming Projects....

We recently had a training class at my work, and the goal was to try and identify someones personality type. We had taken one of those "Character" tests, and you would fall in to 4 categories... Analyst, Togetherness, Motivator and something else (I don't remember : ).

I fell in to the Motivator category... basically a person who does not like negativity (so I assume, generally a happy person), but more notably, someone who "likes to chase shiny objects". Apparently that means I can become easily distracted! Then the teacher guy looked at me and said, "Danielle, I bet you have a billion craft projects that you've started, and have not finished one of them..." I just started laughing and told Mr. teacher "yup, that pretty much sums up my life!"

So with that being said, this is what I am wanting to accomplish in the next few weeks...

The Pantry.

I want to make her gorgeous! Right now I think pantry's are pretty popular in blog land, and I've caught the bug .... I was in awe of the pantry over at House of Smith's and can't wait to start on our Pantry (hopefully mid week), especially with some fun gift card spending at Crate and Barrel.

The Craft Room.

This room has so much potential, especially with the new Thinking chair! This is all basically leftover furniture from my apartment, so let's just work with it. I was in a crafting rage when I took these pictures so don't judge me : )

The Dumpster.

Just kidding :) But see those nice freshly cut tree stems. Oh yes, I grabbed as many as I could and now they're sitting in our garage waiting for my Pottery Barn inspired project (which I'm doing now, and will finish before I start the next project!!).

The Backyard.

We're in the middle of doing this project right now... and it's turning out freakin' awesome!!! I think Mr. Husband and I totally underestimated what we were capable of when it comes to yard work... Can't wait for this post!

We (I) have a busy couple of weeks ahead!!


  1. I LOVE THE PANTRY at the House of Smith's...
    I've been trying to decide what we are going to do with ours. Def. want an old distressed door to be hung... and labels adhered to the shelves.
    Sooo much fun! :D

    Can't wait to see how your projects turn out! :D

  2. I'm so glad I stopped by your blog :) I'm loving it, and I'm your newest follower ! I can't wait to stop by and read more !