Monday, August 2, 2010

"The Chair"... One of my first projects :)

One of the things I had found to be super popular in blog land were gross, dirty, rusty, old chairs. Then I got jealous and was like, "D, you need to go find a super ugly, dirty, rusty, old chair and fix it up because it looks like so much fun"... and that was where it all started for me! Now I have a obsession with finding gross, dirty, chairs, and making them look so fan-freakin-tastic! But now I have to hide them from Mr. Husband and tell him when the timing is perfect that I bought more chairs, or I just let him find them on his own... but more on that later : )
So here she is... the first chair I birthed :) (FYI, half of these pictures were taken in my apartment prior to moving to Mrs. Amber) I had also purchased a cute lamp and table, for a grand total of $11. She actually doesn't look so bad in this picture, but it simply does not do it justice as to how gross and icky she was...

She must have been from the 70's... she had some nasty gross vinyl fabric print.

So, the ladies out in blog land rarely mention the treat I found... They never tell you about the possible Tetanus shot you might have to get from taking these things apart!!! G-R-O-S-S...

Some super nice, old padding underneath...

Then from all the nice tutorials in blogland, I laid out all the pieces to act as a template for the new fabric.

I had to stop and take a picture because the whole process was going too well.... so I wanted to catch it before I messed something up.

But as it turns out, I didn't mess it up, and after staining her legs with a Ebony stain, she now resides in our new home :)

Here she is alongside her trusty side table (which I simply spray painted black). The lamp was spray painted and used downstairs in our living room... pics on that later!

Not bad for a first project :)

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  1. Not bad at all!!~ I love how it turned out, looks like an expensive Ethan Allen chair. I am having a before and after party I would love for you to join in on...I have it every other Wed....also every Friday I have a garage salen party you may want to join in on. Hope to see you soon, would love to have you. Debbiedoos

  2. Thank you for sharing. This gives hope to an old chair I was going to throw away.