Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Spray Paint Thinking Chair Pillow...

I have been itching to have a pillow for my newly finished "Thinking Chair". I just purchased a Cricut machine (from Joann's on sale for $85... score!!!) and have been obsessed with it ever since!! I was also browsing Joann's web site for Cricut cartridges, and ran in to the Paris cartridge. It is full of Paris themed "Shabby" cut outs, so of course I ordered it right away!

I knew I wanted to use the sofa cut out for my thinking chair....

So cue the Cricut!!!

So I took the cutout and also cut out a square to fit the front of my pillow from a piece of white fabric I already had...

Then I went outside and spray painted using Krylon's Ivy Leaf Spray Paint...

and FAILED!!! So it went in the trash :(

I knew I had one more chance to try it again before this storm became a full on monsoon (and it did, real quick)!

I now know you have to spray in nice, thin, light coats.... and thank goodness try #2 worked!

It looked pretty cute, but what would a thinking chair pillow be without rhinestones?!? I just can't stand how camera's don't do rhinestones or anything sparkly for that matter justice!

Still pretty cute, but she still needed a little somethin somethin... Cue the cute flowers!

My thinking chair feels much better now :)

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  1. Very cute! I like that you showed your mistake as well as your victory. It turned out really pretty and a great pop of color on your thinking chair. Lisa~

  2. Very, very cute! I love the finished look of the chair and pillow!

    And how about that storm?! We got hit really hard in Tempe... Praying our house in QC is still standing! lol...

  3. You did a terrific job with this! Ivy Leaf is my current favorite color!

  4. I love this idea. Who thinks of spray painting a chair?!

  5. D- you are amazing... teach me your ways!!! ;) sewing party soon?

  6. I love this! It is so sassy and cute! Also I love the thinking chair and my sisters and I call each other sissy too! I think we are supposed to be friends!

    love your guts

  7. This looks fab! Never knew you could spray paint pillows! Wow!

    I am featuring you in "Yellow" Get Crafty post going out 1 Sept!

    Here is last month's as a reference!


    Red Ted Art

  8. very nice! i love how it turned out and the colors look great!

  9. It looks great!
    Does the spray paint make it stiff?
    I also love that you posted your fail as well as your win. It lets the rest of us know that if we failed at it in someway, it's still possible to do it we just have to try again.

  10. You added all the right touches to that adorable pillow!! You are very talented and have quite the eye!