Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Backyard !!

When we bought out home, we had the option to have the backyard finished, but we figured we didn't want to spend a few thousand dollars on something that would look completely generic and not cool. Aside from that, Mr. Husband (Fiancee at the time) and I were like, "How hard could it be?". Of course my impatient self couldn't wait to get this back yard started (especially after finishing The Hanging Ladder ), in 110 degree heat no less!

Well, let me tell you... It certainly is one of the hardest, longest projects I (we) have ever worked on. Our first weekend, we needed to accomplish a pretty tedious task... Getting a PVC pipe under that nice green wall right next to Bo, the bougainvillea. Sorry for Mr. Husband's indecency... This blog just went from G to PG :)

Okay, now we're back to rated G :)

We couldn't have done any of this without my dad... seriously... he saved us at least $1,000 on the sprinkler system alone... (he wouldn't look at the camera... he was apparently too busy helping us dig a massively deep hole under concrete. The nerve of some people)

After a couple of days of repeatedly soaking the dirt, we FINALLY pulled the PVC pipe through! I never realized how awful Arizona soil is... after you get about 8 inches deep, you hit straight up clay.

Mr. Husband making sure everything worked okay...

But here's what happens when you go PG... you get a crazy sunburn!

The next week was phase 2. We had to dig all the trenches for the sprinkler system in the backyard. I quit on this one pretty early because I just can't stand the heat, but Mr. Husband was awesome. After he laid down the pipe, he made this happen!

The we moved on to Phase 3 the next weekend... I was determined to have a retaining wall and a fountain. I didn't care what I would have to do to get it... even if that meant laying the 10 pound blocks all by myself while Mr. Husband shuttled them to me from the front yard (where home depot had delivered them).

Then this past weekend, my Birthday weekend, we had rocks and plants delivered (no grass yet). After I had already had everything delivered, like a dummy not planning well, I had found out that we shouldn't have the grass planted until the beginning of October. Well, I wanted everything done next weekend, which is why I spent my birthday weekend planting trees and bushes!! I was furious, but oh well... at least we finally will get a few weekends to rest!

I can't wait to see the finished project soon, but in the mean time, back to some inside crafts!!!


  1. This looks much hard work in the heat though. You will love it for years to come.
    We lived in AZ and were one of the few houses in our neighborhood that had grass in the front and back yard!

  2. that is fantastic! you guys did such a great job! i wish that my yard was big enough to do that!