Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Script, the Chair

Here is one of my first Craigslist "chair" finds. I was always terrified of Craigslist, but it turns out that not everyone is too bad! This chair came from a nice old man who was downsizing and needed to get rid of lots of stuff. I was like "so.... how old do you think this chair is", and Mr. Old man was like "well, it's been in my family my entire life, which means its older than me." Good answer Mr. old man! That's exactly what I wanted to hear!

For that reason alone, I was a little scared to give him a makeover (yes, the chair is a him, and I named him Script). But look at Script... he looks awful and worn out, but still has some AMAZING detail work!

So, trying not to think what Mr. Old Man's grandmother would say if she knew what I was about to do, I went to work :)

We live in a new housing development, and there are no houses (yet) to the West of us... I know it's because they know if they got rid of my "Spray Paint" field, I'd go c-r-a-z-y :)

This is probably one of the easiest chair's I've redone. I'm not a fan of gutting the chair and then starting from scratch if it already has some good cushioning!

Needless to say, Script feels much better now!

and now we just need to find a place in our house for him to go :)

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  1. script looks great! any tips on covering it? I've got me one of those projects too im afraid to start