Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Cards

Something I’ve been super excited about since getting married is being able to FINALLY send out Christmas Cards! I was going to originally hand make them like I do everything else, but I decided this year to leave it to the pros, and finally give myself a break for once. Besides, if I did decide to do them, they would probably get put on the back burner and never even get sent out! (How do I know this??? Because it took me 3 months to mail out our wedding “Thank you” cards : ) )

So, I was delighted to find out that Shutterfly has their own line of Christmas cards. I’ve always ordered prints through their website, and have always had such a positive experience with their services!

I've had a chance to look through quite a few of the pages (there's over 800 cards to choose from), and there are soooo many amazing choices. I still can't decide.... but I've narrowed it down to three...

1) The Peppermint Pink Christmas Card

It's pink!! Need I say more?!? I also love it because we could put multiple pictures from our wedding on the card, and maybe even some of the engagements...

2) Starlight Joy

This one is just so classic. I've always been a fan of full size pictures, and I'm a sucker for cursive!

and finally...
3) Vintage Lace Frame Card

I love this one.... Throughout the year and for my wedding, I had a whole "vintage lace" theme.. and I absolutely love how the picture is framed with the polka dots in the background...

So I am completely torn.... I can't decide which one to choose! But regardless, I'm super excited to have Christmas cards this year, and to know that any card I choose is going to look amazing!

Click here, and you'll see for yourself all the cards Shutterfly has to offer!!