Sunday, October 24, 2010

Officle Rug

While shopping for "officle" decorations, I came across this lonely rug. You know how I knew she was lonely? She was on clearance for $2 ....

I immediately thought of a conversation with Mr. Husband's co-worker who told me she put a rug in her officle, so f course I scooped this little find right up!

I originally intended to just cover the outsides of the rug, but as always, I deviated from the plan!

I started by cutting strips to cover the outside of the rug, and then hemmed only one side of them. This was the only sewing I did for the entire rug.

I really liked the jute part of the rug, but I just loved this Amy Butler fabric so much better :) So I cut my rectangle and used witch stitchery to bond the fabric to the rug...

I then used witch stitchery again to bond together the ends of the fabric strips together at 45 degree angles...

I then flipped over the outside (with the sides together) and ironed it down with the stitch witchery stuff (yet again). One more flip of the entire rug and I hot glued the fabric to the underside of the rug.
Here's how she turned out!
And here she is in the officle :)

My officle is almost as awesome as my Scrapbook room, sigh :)

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