Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Front Porch Sign

I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last post! Hopefully that won't happen again. This new job has had me working during the day and then coming home to learn more about material I needed to know at night, so needless to say the fun stuff got put on hold :(

Don't worry though... I completely decorated my officle (next post) :)

Anyways... our front porch was looking dull... a little too dull... and after reading some tutorials from the Fabulous Miss Mustard Seed (Mustard Seed Creations) I decided I wanted to tackle our own sign.

A couple of months ago, a friend of mine asked me to grab some palates (we have them all over the place because of all the new houses going up). So I thought "D, you should grab one for yourself just in case." So glad that I did! I tore off some of the wood slats, glued them together, and it gave me the foundation for the sign. These boards worked great, because they were all beat up.... which is what exactly what I wanted.

Then I used the Cricut to cut own my stencil just to make sure they were the size I wanted

I then randomly brushed a "antique white" paint, to help give it a type of aged look... Just enough to where some wood was still peeking through...

Then traced on the letters...

Then PAINSTAKINGLY painted in the letters... Let me just say this... I'm a pretty patient person and typically like projects that are very meticulous in nature... but this got the best of me! I don't know how some of you sign makers do it! It took so long!

After painting in the rest of the letters, I then went ahead and sanded down in random places, then applied a coat of walnut stain over the entire sign, and it turned out exactly as I'd hoped :)

I drilled my holes and attached the signs together with hemp, then topped it off with a little garland from Hobby lobby... and got this :)

One last look!

Now here's my issue... it's too Of course right?!?!? I tried using one of those 3m sticky hooks outside, but when I tried to put it on it came right off... I just talked to my dad, and pretty much said that because our house is stucco, if I try and nail or screw something in I could crack a whole piece of the stucco off...
So does anyone have any ideas?!?


  1. i love it! dont scare me because im about to work on a sign of my own!

  2. My husband has drilled into our stucco, then inserted an anchor with some silicon caulking, to prevent water from seeping inside the whole to crack it, then he screws into the anchor. Does that even mke sense?

  3. Try a wreath stand! You are so handy, you could probably make one that could hold up that cute sign!

  4. i am loving this, danielle!
    one hint is to leave the 3m hooks up for an hour or so before hanging anything on them!

  5. oh my gosh, i'm jealous of your talent lol. these signs are too adorable!

  6. I worked at Home depot and there is a industiral velcro that would work wonderful to hold that up. Hope that helps

  7. So cute! Can you tell me the name of the font you used for the "Apple Cider 5 cents?" Is it the same font you used on the containers in your pantry? Love it!