Thursday, September 16, 2010

Saturday find....

So, as part of the guest room re-do, I've been on the hunt for a side table... and look what I picked up.... for $12!! I loved the curves of the legs, and it has some pretty awesome detailing... perfect for some glazing!

I really wanted the table to match the blue I have in the bed spread, so I took the pillow cover in and had it matched up. I didn't know Home Depot does this, but you can buy a little container of test paint... but it ends up being the perfect amount for covering a small piece of furniture! I still have about half the container left over. Add on a small foam roller for about $1.50, and I spent about a total of $4.50 on paint materials.

The top of the table was pretty bad, and I was a bit scared because it has the wood going in all different directions... so I sanded carefully, making sure to go with the grain of the wood...

After I was done painting I was ready to put glaze over the top. I really wanted to have the glaze fill in all the small details, but it was much much harder than I thought. I was actually a bit surprised at how much of a problem I was having. I guess it will take some practice, but after a few touch ups, I'm pretty happy with how it came out...
I think I'll tackle the glaze over the leaf details when I've had more practice and feel confident I can make it look really good :)

Knobs are also 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby this week, so that worked out great!

Very relieved the top turned out!!

All in all, between the actual table, paint, and knobs, the total cost for this project was around $21... and I'm pretty happy with that!

p.s. Hopefully this will be the last time you see the wall that color!!


  1. Wow it looks wonderful!! I love the color!


  2. Love it..I have similar plans for a freebie antique buffet I have with lots of great detailing! Nichole-

  3. Danielle - I like it a lot! I have a piece of antique furnture (or two!)that as-is won't go with the house, so I was thinking of painting it. Great inspiration!

  4. Love the blue! Can you tell me what color it is? Thanks! The table looks awesome!