Thursday, September 16, 2010

Faux Fall Tree

I'm so excited to decorate (for the first time) for fall! My house was basically made to be decorated for fall because of all of the warm colors we have:) I'll probably only be doing a couple of projects because I want my house to "barf" Christmas... so I'd rather use my craft budget for Christmas projects this year. Nevertheless, I'm still going to decorate just a bit!

This is one of my first "fall" projects. I really wanted to decorate our front porch, because I feel like that is the place that will work best for fall decorations. So that's where we'll start!

Last weekend while Mr. Husband washed our cars, I cleaned out the garage. Yes, we've only lived in this house for 4 months, and I've already had to clean out the garage! It's mostly because I've been using my half of the car for bigger craft projects instead of using it to park my car :)

These are the branches that came from the ladder project. I only used about half of them, so they kind of just hung out on the side of the garage.... wasn't working out too well!

So I stripped off all of the leaves until I had just the twigs left... I first took them and arranged them the best that I could (can't really work with twigs !)....

Then wrapped the bottom with hemp... not only to hold them together, but to somewhat resemble the trunk of a tree

then made sure it looked okay before I moved to the next step...

I thought it kind of looked a bit too bare, so out to the spray paint field it went! I wrapped the hemp with a plastic bag, and spray painted the top brown...

So glad I did it... looks so much more "fall-y"!!

While I was out in the spray paint field, I decided that the green pot just wasn't going to work... so I started spray painting it with a brushed gold color...

and I swear I didn't do this on purpose... but guess what I ended up spraying?!?! I guess this is why you're supposed to wipe down stuff before you spray paint, but who has the patience for that?

Does this just make you shiver?!?! The spray paint pretty much fossilized Mr. Spider... so I left it on there... gives it more of a Halloween look... and I hope someone touches it to "see if it's real", because guess what kids... it is :)
And no I'm not joking... it's still on there

Back to the tree! I really only spent around $10 on this entire project, and the $10 was spent on all the leaves and twigs from Michaels and Hobby lobby. All the fall stuff is pretty much on sale right now, so I totally took advantage of it.

Also... I now it's crazy (and tempting) that they've started to put out all of the Christmas stuff already, but totally use it to your advantage! If they have orange, yellow and red stuff, you can still use it for fall! For example, a cute orange bird.. I also used glittery apples and twigs that had beads and glitter on them, which were all in the Christmas section!

Then I simply clipped everything off of their wire stems, and hot glued it on to the tree.... and after what seemed like HOURS... here is what you get, for next to nothing!
Don't mind the dirt... I still hadn't picked it up :)
Here's Lola the bird....

and her boyfriend Butch :)

On a side note, I already had this pot sitting out with flowers in it, so I just replaced them with leftover foilage I had from the tree...

I still have to change out the covers for the rattan chairs, and the wall desperately needs some type of sign or something... but I'm okay with it so far!

One more close look!


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I just love all your original ideas!

  2. Lovely!!!

    Just a word of caution...that spider looks a lot like a black widow....