Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Patio Stuff....

After finishing the Autumn Tree for the porch, I still wasn't happy with how it was looking. I do still plan on adding some fake hay and pumpkins, and also switching out the chair covers.... but it's still missing a little something...

So I sat and thought and thought and thought.... and while sitting and thinking on the porch I just kept staring at our light pole. I'm obsessed with light poles, lamps, lanterns, the like. I was so excited when we noticed these light poles when we were first started searching for our home, because you just simply do not find these little characteristics in Arizona. (Down the street in another development, they have the "Sesame Street" light poles... obsessed with those too!)

Then I went inside and watched Sherlock Holmes with Mr. Husband (I swear if I could have any chosen any era to live in, it would have been the early 1900's... the decor and the big dresses the women wore just make me drool!)... Towards the beginning of the movie, I saw this, and the light bulb went off!

So I left Mr. Husband and went to work. I started off with this lantern which we had bought from Crate and Barrel.

and added some lettering to it, just like in Sherlock Holmes. Looked super cute, but I wanted to make it a little bit more unique...

So I took out my Cricut, and my "Summer in Paris" cartridge. This is my favorite cartridge so far... and I bought it for only $12 from Joannes during national scrapbook month! I hadn't tried this cutout before, but it is a 3d chandelier cut out.

So I used some thick cardstock and had the Cricut cut out the 3d chandelier, then spray painted it with a brushed gold color.

I then thought to myself "D, how can you waste more of your Saturday afternoon? I know, you can rhinestone it of course!!"

Then I hung the chandelier with wire at the top of the lantern... Loving it!

I originally was going to hang the lantern from a Shepherd's hook I had leftover from the wedding, but then decided it I wanted it to really look like a light pole. A few months ago I had bought one of those cabinets that has really long legs that is supposed to go over a toilet. Well, I just wanted the cabinet part, so I rigged it in a way where I didn't use the legs, and saved them because I new I could use them for a project some day...
So I filled a planter with two bricks (for stability and weight), stuck one of the legs in, and covered the rest with potting soil...

Then hot glued the lantern to the top of the leg...

Then to make it look a bit more Autumn-y, I added some twigs from Hobby Lobby, and here's the end result!

I love that the Chandelier, and the font of the lettering gives it a little bit of a haunted look. This is probably as close to Halloween decorating as I will get for the year!

One more look! I love how she turned out! I think she needs a orange bow just to finish it off :)

And here's a preview of how I wasted the rest of my weekend! Can't wait for this post!


  1. D!

    I am seriously OBSESSED!!!!! That is so freakin cute! I love that we share a love for rhinestones! :)

    Love ya!!!!

    xo, Mallory

  2. Hey Danielle,

    I totally love your blog. I'm from São Paulo, Brazil and have no idea how I ended up here on the first place, LOL. But if you had a Google Friend Connect gadget I'd be a fierce follower from your blog. You're so crafty!

    I LOVED the lantern but I would take out the twigs. But if you are happy with the way it looks I'm happy too.

    Can't wait to see the guest room

    Hugs from Brazil,

  3. So pretty! Love it! You are so creative!

  4. ok now that is just way beyond cute!!! What a clever idea. I took one of my lanterns-filled it with pumpkins & fall-ey stuff then sat it on top of my urn nestled in a grapevine wreath. I LOVE lanterns. they are so versatile.

  5. Seriously?!?! I am totally going to steal this and make one this weekend!!! I looove it!

    ~The Mama Monster

  6. That is SOOO creative and it turned out fan-flippin'-tastic!!!! :)