Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magazine Holders

Can you believe this will be my 2nd post in less than two weeks!?!?..... I haven't done that for a while! It's one of my new years resolutions.... I want to get in to a routine where I blog at least once a week. I have so many projects that never get posted because blogger just takes sooooo loooong to post and I clearly don't have the patience... I hope everyone else shares my frustrations!

Anyways... Mr. Husband and I flew out to Georgia on Christmas day and spent about a week there with his family... and apparently Georgia people have freakin awesome paper stores that we just don't have here in the desert.

Don't get me wrong... I have my absolute favorite Scrapbook store (Scrapbooks etc.) not too far, but they don't have really big sheets of paper like they do in the store that we went to...

We went to a area in Georgia called "The Virgina Highlands" and there were a variety of boutiques and restaurants. There was one particular store that caught my eye, and I darted over there right after we parked (with the entire Schulman family in tow.... a year ago I would have felt bad, but I'm their daughter in law now so they have to deal with me:)).

Well... right when we walked in, my jaw dropped, I smiled, and my heart started beating really fast, only to look at Mr. Schulman with the "oh no" look on his face :)

I'm sure many of you have been to Paper Source before, but we clearly don't have one here in AZ or I would probably frequent it every weekend. Not only are the designs sooo pretty, but the paper itself is really really big...

This one is my favorites...

I was going to use it as a background for our wedding pictures, but I decided I had a more immediate use for it. This weekend I decorated a closet (future post) and didn't really realize how many magazine subscriptions we have.... So off to Ikea I went!

They have cardboard magazine holders that are white, and come in a pack of 5 for $2. So I decided I was going to use the paper and Mod Podge it to the magazine holders...

I won't bore you with how messy I am with Mod Podge... I did have a little problem with the paper bubbling up, especially because I was working with cardboard. Has anyone tried the Mod Podge designed for paper? Does it work better?

Once they dried, I was pretty happy with how they turned out... eventually most of the bubbles subsided, but it still just irritates me :)

Then I wanted to add Labels to them. I always try and keep these label holders in stock. I get them at JoAnnes, and they come in a pack of 10 in 3 different sizes. I believe they are only $3.99 and most of the time are 40% off.

They come punched so you can put brads on the side of the labels (If using for scrapbooking), but they also are perfect for Rhinestones :)

Then, so they would go with the closet a bit better, and just for added "awesomeness", I added ribbon to the top.

Here's a close up...

And here is the end result! I am absolutely in love with them!
I never thought magazine holders could look so cute and make such a statement. Wait until you see the other friends that I've made to go with them!


  1. VERY nice! Did you use wrapping paper sold by the roll, or were they sheets? I was thinking of doing the same thing for my office. I already have the Mod Podge. Should I use the other kind instead (to avoid rippling)?