Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas is giving me ANXIETY!!!

Okay ladies...

Is anyone else squeading about the fact that you can officially start decorating for Christmas in about 3 weeks? Well I am. November 1st marks the day for me that I can officially start thinking about decorating, and marks the day when I can justify to myself and now to my new Mr. Husband that's it's time to start buying that Christmas Decor.

Aside from decorating, there are so many things I look forward to each year and many new things I'm looking forward to this year.

In no particular order, here are the things I look forward to every year:

1) Decorating my dads tree. It's a tradition that my sister and I do every year. We start out by going with my dad to Home Depot, and looking our hardest to find "the" tree. Whoever finds "the" tree basically get's bragging rights all year... what can I say, we're a very competitive family. Then we go home to decorate while my dad video tapes us so we can look back the next year and think "what were we thinking".... and this leads me to something else I look forward to:

2) Mariah Carey Christmas Music. That's right. HUGE tradition to be listening to her while decorating the tree.... we pretend like we're her choir. On a side note, my dad use to, and still does call Mariah Carey "babelicious" (babe-a-licious).

3) Going going to midnight mass each year. This is particularly fun for us now because we get to reminisce about a particular mass we went to a couple of years ago... When we walked in, the church lady asked us (my dad, brother, sister, and I (mom was working)) to walk down the isle with baby Jesus and place him in the manger right before mass started... Well my sister was too embarrassed to carry the ceramic baby Jesus, so I had to carry him. However, this particular night I was wearing super cute capri's, and I didn't realize I was going to have to bend over to place baby Jesus in his bed, so I kind of just "plopped" him in to his bed, fearing that if I bent over too much, the entire church would see too much. Well you know what kind of sound you get when you bump ceramic against ceramic... I've never heard so many people hold their breath at once, thinking I probably broke baby Jesus. But he survived!

I now realize I could go on and on, and I realize I've already rambled quite a bit... but now you know a little bit more about me...

Things I'm looking forward to this year...

1)Spending my first Christmas with Mr. Husband (This will be our 4th Christmas together, but he has always flown back to Georgia, and I would stay here with my family)


This time last year, we were looking for homes, and all I could think about is how I would decorate a house for Christmas... This is important right?!?! Well, now we're in our new home and I will be working like a mad woman getting stuff together to decorate the day after Thanksgiving... and it started this past weekend...

I had been eyeing these at Hobby Lobby for the past month, and they were finally 50% off... so I bit the bullet...

So Mr. Husband can get in on the fun, I'm going to start buying lights with Hobby lobby Coupon's so they'll cost a little bit less, and it won't be such a huge shock to have to buy 7 or 8 boxes of these next month...

I also bought material to make our own stockings... I WILL NOT pay $20 per stocking, when I could make them for less than $10 for both. And besides, they'll have more sentimental value down the road :)

And last but not least.... These Poinsettia Flowers... I saw these last week and promised myself I would not get them until they were 50% off. Well thank goodness that was this week! I literally could not leave work fast enough to go and get these today! I always panic when I don't get something right away, and then I think everyone else is going to go after what I want... does anyone else ever get this way? It drives me crazy and gives me crazy anxiety!!

I had a smile all the way home thinking about what I have planned for these ladies!!

So what do you ladies have planned, and what Christmas traditions are you excited for this year?!?


  1. so I definitely don't share in the Mariah Carey tradition...can't stand her! We've been planning in our home, however, for Christmas since July:)

  2. One of my favorite traditions is decorating a gingerbread house wih my kids. Through the years they have always been hilarious, and so much fun. Now that they are getting older, they can really do a good job and our house is bound to be the best ever this year! {it doesn't really matter how it turns out I just love the tradition}. Oh and reading the nativity story together as a family on Christmas Eve.